TuPA is a platform which is helping tennis parents in their important tennis parenting journey. The idea of TuPA was born somewhere in 2014 when Rohit met coach Maddy and realised what it really takes to build optimal tennis players. At TuPA, we sincerely hope that you are enjoying your tennis parenting journey so far. However, TuPA is further dedicated to providing more power to wonderful parents such as yourself, who take the step to commit a good amount of their life to tennis through tennis parenting. Over a period of time, TuPA has published well-researched tennis content with tennis parents exclusively in mind. We continue to publish such articles. TuPA also helps parents to understand their child’s tennis level and give exclusive recommendations in order to move forward. It is an effort to use analytics on available tennis data plus drive facts from other valuable resources and pure experience to explore critical realities for the benefit of parents. We hope that tennis parents draw benefits from TuPA.
The TuPA team has the right blend of tennis parenting and coaching.  It is managed by two individuals: Rohit – an ex-tennis parent, and Madeleine, a tennis player development professional who is an ex-head coach Nick Bollettieri academy. Curious to know more about them?
You can do so by clicking here to find out more about Rohit & say hello to Madeleine by clicking here
You can reach us at info@tupa.io for further information. We wish all the parents all the very best! Let us start from where this beautiful game of tennis begins – the serve

Love all.
Team TuPA