Rohit was a tennis parent for good seven years. Like any other tennis parent, several years of tennis parenting were daunting for him. Even today, in order to further build TuPA Rohit, does interact with many tennis parents pan India and occasionally gets involved with tournament level match play with his son. However, Rohit took the opportunity of his tennis parenting journey to learn more about the game by reading every possible detail available to him in the form of books, publications, tennis research articles, biographies, videos, etc. This lead to an enormous tennis related data collection leading to the birth of his digital library. He took notes on everything possible happening around him related to tennis parenting. He has always been a very keen observer of the game from his younger years regularly looking for answers from the junior as well as senior tennis circuit. Rohit met and worked with Madeleine very closely to get excellent insights on what should really go into building a tennis parenting journey to produce optimal results.
Rohit is also an entrepreneur. He along with his team runs a consulting company which helps some of the top global lifestyle companies in the areas of fashion trends. He and his team are experts in data analytics, predictive analysis, patterns and software engineering. Rohit has a  degree in science, a postgraduate degree in computers and a masters degree in business administration. He is based out of Bangalore, India.

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