Are you going to be with your child today? If yes, here is our small tip. We are assuming your child is right handed.

If possible check out from Ad court how many wide and T serves your child can do. Write a mail to yourself recording this. Mail topic could be ‘AdCourtServeDirection, ‘ and the body of the mail can have simple content –
1/4 T, 1/4 W, 2/4 B
T is T , W = wide serve, B = body serve.
Why is it important to work on this?
Ad court has three critical points to play. 30-40,40-30 and Ad (out or in). What do pros do in this situation?
My data team looked at what Roger did against Rafa when he was in this position in this years AUS Open Final? My team informed me that Roger was in 30-40 score position six times in the entire match. He served five serves on the T and one wide. He won 4 out of these 6 points.
Can our kids open the court or hit T serves at 30-40, 40-30 and Ad points. What is their percentage of such serves?Do you know?
We analyzed some 80,000 ATP first serves from both sides(Ad and D court), and you must see what we found out at, click here to read!