Dear Parents!

At TuPA we are of the firm opinion that effective first serves is a must if your child is training from last two years or so. Power in first serves comes with age, therefore, we need to wait for our child to grow. More power comes with strengthing which again can be done at a certain age. What about a good serve technique? We believe that if your child is training from two years, a good serve technique should be the part of  your child’s game. One of an early sign of first serve technique is a good first serve percentage but we must be sure it is delivered as first serve – either outwide, T or body serve. Not always as a slow outwide slice serve just to gain an upper hand during a point construction and to keep the first serve percentage high. 

As a parent  spend some time in order to figure out a few things – 

1) Ask your child to hit ten first serves in a row today at the practice session.What’s the score?
6/10 could be a good one. Notice if your child can also put some variations on these serves.
Anything below that, even 5/10 is not good enough.

2) If first serve range is not between 55% to 70%, you must talk to your team and get that sorted out. Do work on finding out during matches what is the first serve percentage your child attains. When you watch their gameplay this one thing, you can record – first serve percentage. Sooner the better.

3) How many first serves go to net and how many go out of the serve box? You must have this number. If the serves are going to net too often your child is not reaching up. That is one prime reason for the serves going to the net. How can a child reach further up? One way is to work on thrust that comes from their legs since a growing child normally is not very tall. 

If many serves go out of the serve area one thing you can check is the your child’s first serve ball toss. Is it consistent and falls at the right place?Please get that insight and work with your team if you find it to be inconsistent. 

Most of the professional players have their first serve percentage between 55% to 70% with a variety on them. What is your child’s first serve percentage during match and practice?

Do work on this number and write it with dates of observation by sending a mail to yourself. Record this as much as possible to get a better grip on your child’s first serve. 

Remember what can’t be measured can’t be improved. 

Measure your child’s first serve percentage during practice matches, serve practice and matchplay. 

Start this work today.