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First Serve Ball Toss Consistency

Dear Parents,
Good morning! time for another TuPA Tip –
TuPA Tip for Today: First Serve Ball Toss Inconsistency
Try to answer this question now – what is the first serve toss consistency of your child?
If your child is training for more than two years and you don’t know this answer while you are reading this message, it is time for some work. This check can be done in your house too.
One way to do this is to ask your child toss the ball as they would for their first serve and see where it drops.
As shown in the picture below, any drop on the racket(green dots) is a good ball toss.
Anything in red needs some work.
Write a mail to yourself with subject as FSBTC (First Serve Ball Toss Consistency) and the body of the mail could be 2/10,3/10 or 6/10
What is a good number? Close to 10 is better. If the first serve ball toss consistency for some reason is low in the range of 0/10 to 5/10, please do talk to your team and draw a plan to fix it asap.
After the fix try this exercise on daily basis at your home as the practice court time is limited. Keep checking the toss consistency score. We have no choice but to improve it as low first serve consistency can make your child first serve to get into troubled waters.
Have a great day & keep going.