First Serve Direction

We are still with first serves and will be for some more time 🙂
First serves are critical to master, from all angles and hence is a big subject in itself.
How much direction your child can give to their first serves? Usually, during serves direction practice session there is a conventional drill where we keep cones and try to serve towards them. Cones are kept outwide, on the T and sometimes in the middle too. The child is then given many tennis balls and told to try and hit near to those cones.
However, what factors affect that direction building capability? Is it just about the aim or there is more to it? We leave you with these statistics.
Pros change directions of their serves almost at will for many reasons, and some do without letting the opponent know by concealing their ball toss too. That makes their first serve even difficult to read.
We analyzed thousands of serves from ATP matches and found the following stats. Can our kids who are training for more than three years and playing U-12 / U-14 tennis change their first serve direction at will? You should record this capability of your child if they are in the above-mentioned range.

Now onto the stats (on mobiles phones drag on the below table from right to left to see all the stats or read using landscape mode)

Circuit Serving From? T Outwide Middle Total Serves Analyzed
ATP Duce Court 41% 45% 14% 75000
ATP Ad Court 39%       47% 14% 66000

Last but not the least – from Ad court serving outwide first serve for a right-handed player is an art to master. Afterall 30-40,40-30 and Advantage are all Ad court scores, isn’t it?