First Serve Percentage
Frank Giampaolo is a well-known tennis coach. We have personally read all his books and encourage if you are a parent, pick these books up. His books cover a lot of good ground.
In one of his book called Tennis Parent’s Bible, he mentions about junior serve percentages and what could be the ideal number to target for.Apart from producing numerous top ranking players, Frank is a tennis parent too.
In the junior tennis world, it’s not easy to find answers precisely based on data. However, our extensive reading on this topic shows that a junior must strive to be a complete player, like a pro throughout their junior lifetime which spans from 10-18 years.
Nevertheless, as a junior, they would lack power, speed, agility, and at times ability to think like a pro. When these types of juniors do transform into seniors, they do it quite flawlessly as most of their technical and tactical foundation would be in place.

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