There are various ways in which a pattern can be understood. The easiest definition of a pattern would be something that identifies a –
2.Proposes a solution
3.The solution should be based on how the problem is solved over the years by subject matter experts & users

We at TuPA are ready to attempt the same. Tennis is an old sport and a lot of tennis is already played by great champions over the years all over the world. A lot of tennis is already taught by great coaches, mentors, educators etc. How are we learning from that perspective? TuPA aims to analyze that part. We are also going to look at the existing research done by folks and develop some tennis patterns keeping tennis parents just like yourself in mind.
Our ultimate aim is to assist tennis parents to have a more fruitful journey while bringing up their young champions by attaining a higher degree of tennis awareness in the most effective way possible.

We strongly believe understanding tennis patterns is one such way. Our patterns are derived from our team’s collective experience which covers research, coaching, player development  & tennis parenting.
We hope that you will enjoy reading these patterns and it will trigger constructive thoughts.

Reach us at if you need to know more.

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