Dear Tennis Parents!

Developing an overall first serve is not a child’s play. Even after years of practice, we have seen the basics of first serve missing from many growing (U10-U18) players. What are these basics?  From some time now, we at TuPA are trying to help tennis parents to understand the necessary details of first serve by doing the following three things –
1) Helping them to observe a little more which they can do by reading our serve related articles
2) Conducting free remote serve seminars for parents
3) By giving a free evaluation on their child’s first serve by our expert team in FL, US.
We have ex-Nick Bollettieri head coach with us to help us out here! Therefore, don’t miss this chance of getting your children first serve evaluated for free. Please get in touch with us by filling a small form (3 items to be filled) by clicking here and typing “yes first serve evaluation” in the comment area of the form. If you want a free 1on1 seminar do type on the comment box “yes for serve seminar”

We will then get back to you with the next exciting steps. We guarantee you that you will be cheerfully surprised by our observations and it will give you enough clarity on where your child’s serve is as of today.

Around the very important first serve, we have published a few articles and continue to develop more content for tennis parents! We shall publish them soon.

Some of our published articles are below –

Ad Court Serve Confidence
First Serve Ball Toss Consistency
First Serve Directed at Will
First Serve Direction %
First Serve Percentage Range
First Serve That Goes In
First Serve Percentage Pattern
First Serve Direction Pattern

Happy reading!
Team TuPA