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Hello Tennis Parents!
Hope you guys are doing well out there.
It’s been exciting three months and we started TuPA. We have covered a lot of ground. Today we interact with many tennis parents and trying to help them in the tennis parental journey in various ways. For instance, we are getting serve videos of kids for reviews and many followup questions from parents across India.

One such question that had come to us is – what is the right age to teach tactical tennis and when is the right time to focus on technique. We will try to answer this quick in the easiest way.

U-12: By the time your child finishes their U-12 journey, it is desirable that they have enough muscle memory about the technique of every primary shot (S, BH, FH) and some feel about the basic tactics.

U-14: By the time they finish their U-14 journey they should have rock solid technique in place and very good grip on tactical part of tennis. A good player development team would know how to build a tactical game based on your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

U-16 and above: Is about continuous improvement or rather adjustments on both fronts – technical and tactical but more of adjustments and not learning from scratch!

Which age group your child belongs to?  Not which age group they play under at the moment.

It’s a fairly good idea to get your child’s stroke technique evaluated when they are under in their U-12 age category and try to fix a few things if need be. These things will make a good long-term impact on their game.

The only way to do this is to get your child’s tennis strokes analysed by an expert. TuPA is trying to work in this zone for parents and we are currently analysing serves of children who have opted for the same. The first evaluation is free! We are also analysing FH, BH and tactical aspects of many children now. First one evaluation of one such skill is absolutely free!

Please remember a good solid technique plays an important role to work on tactics later on. Without good foundations in your child’s strokes, they might feel constrained when it comes to applying a tactic when it is taught.

Now – what if you have not done an evaluation of your child’s serve or BH or FH so far? Well, It’s never too late. Considering the amount of time and energy we as parents spend on our child’s tennis today!

Growing kids learn even faster. However, it is important that we do this exercise once (earlier the better) and be aware of where our child stands in terms of the technical and tactical aspect of their game as of today based on the age group they are under.

It’s important to measure, recognize the gaps and then improve. At TuPA we are working hard to bridge this gap.

Contact us (in the comment box in the contact form please do write: interested in first free evaluation) for first free evaluation of any one skill of your child from an expert team based out of FL, US.

For any other questions, observations, doubts do contact us!

Note: Our team has an ex-head coach Nick Bollettieri academy with us and this is a fabulous chance for parents to take advantage of such expertise available at your fingertips. Read about us here