Volley in Your Child’s Game

If you have time today and you want to measure something in your chid’s game let it be the volley. Yes. You read it right.
Volley is one short which takes a backseat in coaching and is taught late or not taught at all. It is so valuable when executed at the right time with the correct technique that it can’t be ignored.
How can you record it? Just send a mail to yourself by subject ‘Volley Today’ and then write – NIL, 0/2 (tried twice but did not make it) OR 1/4, etc. If possible you can make it more detailed by writing something like 0(1FH,1BH)/2 – this would mean both the time volley did not work one from FH side and other from BH side.
Now don’t get disappointed if you are already thinking “my child does not volley.” More than often it is never given importance.
We came across Roger Federer talking about the lack of it in one interview this year. He stated, “but if you can’t volley you aren’t going to go to the net.” He also pointed out that today’s coaching is such that baseline takes the priority. He also mentioned that if a young player needs to make an impact and finally defeat the top players regularly, they must try to come to the net.
Now, coming to our kids.
How many times have you seen your child losing from the baseline and being completely helpless? Another side of the court we have a player who runs down every single ball and will do it for next four hours, without getting much tired.We are talking U-12, U-14 & U-16 categories here.
Our practice court does not give importance to volleys, and therefore, our kids don’t go to the net as they don’t have confidence in executing that shot. They mostly volley when they are dragged to the net – after picking a drop shot is one such scenario, in fact, it is a no choice scenario.
Volley is an essential weapon in your child’s arsenal, and that has to be there. It gives them confidence if they learn how to execute it well. It plays an important part in breaking opponents confidence too.
However, volleys are not easy to learn and takes time to master. Ask your team what they are waiting for? It is a hard skill to pick later. If the teams start working on it from U-12 days by U-14, you will see some confidence, and during U-16 it should be a weapon to be used at the right time.
During practice matches and match play watch out for points your child constructs with the help of volleys. If there are none or only a few forced volleys (next shot after drop shot pick) in your child’s game you need to know why. It is a void that needs attention.
Work with your team and understand why.
Note: We have some amazing data which shows closing points at the net is equally effective as winning from the baseline, sometimes it has an added advantage. We will publish that soon.
Cheers / Team TuPA